Rosenbauer CL Compact Line
CL light superstructures.
Innovative and powerful.
Pressure on fire departments is growing: fewer and fewer
emergency crews are available, the budget is tighter. At the
same time, tasks and operations are becoming ever more
complex. With the Compact Line (CL) series, Rosenbauer has
developed a modern, compact and powerful municipal vehicle.
Thanks to the light and space-saving sandwich construction,
it is possible to produce superstructures from thinner load-
carrying shells, without interior profiles or transverse panels.
Furthermore, an additional load-carrying subframe is not
required. This provides a great deal of space for crew and
equipment even at low weight-bearing capacity, without having
to sacrifice safety and performance.
The CL light superstructure is very small and compact. This
is also a clear advantage in underpasses, low-ceilinged fire
stations, entrance doors and narrow alleys. In spite of its
lightweight structure, the vehicle is stable and maneuverable.
Rosenbauer is setting new standards here - in shape and
Your partner for municipal vehicles.
Rosenbauer is the leading worldwide technology and service
provider for defensive fire fighting and disaster control. For
more than 140 years, its name has been synonymous with
significant innovations and ground-breaking technology in
the manufacture of fire fighting vehicles and extinguishing
systems. Rosenbauer offers integrated solutions and individ-
ually supports you through complex projects.
Most of our employees are themselves experienced fire
fighters. That's why they know what's important in opera-
tion. With Rosenbauer you talk expert to expert, right from
the start. This know-how produces customized municipal
vehicles that are just right.