Rosenbauer CL Compact Line
The free space of the CL.
Lack of space is a thing of the past.
More crew and equipment thanks to minimal body weight.
The innovative, light and spacious superstructures
The uniform electric roller shutters built in as standard*) on
of the CL series offer a huge amount of space for
each side and at the rear and full height equipment lockers
equipment and crew. The minimal body weight allows
open and close at the touch of a button from outside or
maximum equipment volumes for the highest degree
centrally from the driver's cab. The large body openings can
of safety and complete comfort.
be opened immediately by the driver at the scene of the
emergency. This saves valuable time and the emergency
Large full height lockers. And electric roller shutters
crews quickly have all equipment to hand. If the vehicleis
as standard.
parked and off-duty, the entire vehicle locks automatically
and the valuable equipment is safe from theft.
Much more equipment is able to be stored thanks to the
On demand also with manually operable roller shutters.
well-thought-out modular system of the CL series, clearly
arranged and safely stored in up to four full height lockers
without limiting interior body panels or cross braces. Here
we offer a high degree of flexibility in interior design.
The low height of the CL superstructures also has another
benefit: All of the equipment can be comfortably removed
without having to climb up a hinged step.
Modern lighting. Safe roof use.
Integrated surrounding and rear lighting with modern
halogen and LED lights as well as LED illuminated push
buttons facilitate operations at dusk and night.
Even the space on the even and continuous roof can be put
to optimum use. A rear-mounted ladder with roof climbing
handrail ensures safe access.
Electric roller shutters