Rosenbauer CL Compact Line
Crew cab.
Space and convenience in operation.
Crew cabs from Rosenbauer offer more safety, convenience and
and makes the cab easy to clean. Illuminated LED handrails on
space. The overall ergonomic concept of the crew cab optimally
the inside of the roof and 3 handrails near the doors provide
supports the fire fighters in action.
additional support. In addition, equipment can be stored in
The continuous and even cab floor reduces the risk of stumbling,
neatly integrated storage spaces: in seat compartments with
the even ceiling prevents you from hitting your head. The interior
space-optimized sliding systems and behind the folding steps.
of the crew cabin is fitted with high-quality synthetic parts and
a dirt-repellent synthetic floor. This looks good, is skid-resistant,
Uncompromising capacity for 1+5 or 1+8 persons
All seats with safety belt
Up to 4 SCBA holders can be integrated
High, wide pivoting doors for safe entry and exit
Large full height lockers for equipment
Storage space in sliding systems