CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
Original twin cab
The original twin cab offers space for a crew of 1 + 5. It is
Space and convenience in operation.
fitted with two seats in the center for the water troop, in
the direction of travel. This allows optimum communication
with the team leader and a clear view forwards of the
operational event. Two additional folding seats for the SCBA
crew are arranged facing away from the direction of travel,
each outside next to the door. Those needing breathing
protection can put on the SCBA units quickly, safely and
comfortably during the drive to the scene, making them
ready immediately.
Integrated crew cab
The integrated crew cabin optionally in a layout for a crew of
1 + 5 or 1 + 8 offers a lot of space for the crew. All seats are
fitted with headrests, tested 3-point seat belts in the direction
of travel outside and tested 2-point seat belts inside.
Additionally up to 4 SCBA holders, 2 SCBA holders each
simultaneously toward and against the direction of travel,
can be fitted, corresponding to the German fire fighting
truck standard. There is also the option of comfort seats
with 3 integrated SCBA holders against the direction of travel
Storage space in seat bench box
according to the Austrian standard. So SCBAs can easily and
comfortably be fitted during the trip.