CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
Freedom of choice for chassis.
The CL superstructure fits on different chassis.
Rosenbauer's concept is simple: you choose the chassis
and series and tell us what requirements you have for
your new vehicle and which components are important to
you. Then our experienced sales advisors put together a
customized fire fighting vehicle with you and support you
during the entire manufacturing process and beyond.
On the basis of our sophisticated CL series, we construct
your individual CL body with the aid of innovative 3D CAD
technology. Already in the development phase we rely on
highly advanced instruments, such as FEM, for strength
optimization and for maximum weight saving.
Once the design of the vehicle has been completed on the
computer, light laser-cut and bent aluminum sheets are
built with modern adhesion and screw techniques in clearly
defined work processes. Sandwich panels strengthen the
whole at a low body weight. Our light and high-strength CL
superstructures are created with these self-supporting and
torsion-resistant, as well as corrosion-resistant, aluminum
and ribbed CL superstructures.
State-of-the-art construction technology.
Standardized components are created in consistent and
methodically-organized manufacturing processes with
controlled quality assurance at all stages. All parts fit
together perfectly. This production guarantees consistently
high quality, professional service and a secure supply of
spare parts over a long period of time.
The CL is also a pioneer when it comes to environmental
protection. This is because it fulfills the latest EURO 6
exhaust emissions standard and is largely made from
recyclable materials.