CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
NH25 combined normal and high
pressure pump well-equipped for
operational use.
The pumps of the NH series combine
all the advantages of the N pumps
with those of a four stage high
pressure pump. Optimum axial thrust
equalization is given by the arrange-
ment of the normal and high-pressure
impellers opposite each other. No
additional gearbox is required for the
high-pressure pump.
The water supply of the high pressure
pump can be turned on and off by a
selector valve at any speed. Radial
impellers make the high pressure
pumps impervious to dirt. So they
do not need their own filter system.
The surface curve reduces pressure
surges when closing the HP nozzles.
NH25 - combined normal and high pressure pump
In addition to the pump output of the
N pump, at high pressure it is possi-
ble to discharge an output of up to
N25 normal pressure pump - constant power.
400 l/min at 40 bar *).
The single-stage centrifugal pump achieves an optimum degree of efficiency
thanks to the spiral housing. It is characterized by its characteristic surface
pump curve. Pressure surges during opening and closing the nozzles are
reduced to a minimum. The pump performance ranges up to 2,500 l/min at a
Pump outputs always depend
on the corresponding PTO.
flow rate of 10 bar
Operation is ergonomic and easy to
agent propor-
control via the control panel, both
tioning device
mechanically as well as electronically.
Left-hand side
Right-hand side
The display elements are arranged
Storz B
Storz B
clearly above the operating elements.
Option: pump
pressure governor
The FIXMIX cost-effective, mechanical
foam compound around-the-pump
foam proportioning system, with up
to 3 selectable proportioning ratios,
Storz A
Rear-mounted N25 normal
pressure pump
can easily be integrated into the
2,500 l/min/10 bar
pump. This proportioning system
Water tank
always automatically adjusts to the
corresponding flow. Even the elec-
level regulation
tronically-controlled direct injection
foam proportioning system can be
Storz B
integrated into the operation of the