CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
LCS (Logic Control System) ergonomic operation of all
Rosenbauer pumps.
With the LCS, the most varied of pump functions, such as foam proportioning
systems, CAFS systems and generators, can be operated. The main control path
is illuminated in color and proceeds from top to bottom. This allows the user to
immediately find their way in the operating field. For flawless operation even in
poor light conditions and at night all functions are illuminated.
UHPS highest pressure for rapid fire fighting.
Perfectly suited for the requirements of rapid fire
fighting. Driven either via a gasoline engine or directly
via a PTO the pump delivers 38 l/min at 100 bar
pressure. Extensive tests in Austria and the USA have
shown that with 100 bar alongside the optimum pressure
level of atomization also a sufficiently high water supply
can be discharged to cover a broad area of application.
The UHPS is equipped as standard with a 60 m non-
collapsible high pressure hose. With the combination
nozzle is it possible without interrupting extinguishing
to switch between full and spray jet, as well as to use
the foam pipe.
FOX S portable fire pump
in a class of its own.
The completely redeveloped FOX S
portable fire pump is an impressive
new class between FOX and OTTER. Its
high output of more than 1,000 l/min
at 10 bar, according to EN 14466, in
addition to its small width of 640 mm,
allows for completely new applications.
The drive engine is a 2-cylinder series
engine optimized for use in the most
adverse weather conditions, thus guar-
anteeing the highest operational safety.