Rosenbauer Service & Support
Service & support worldwide.
Our performance promise for your safety.
Committed to customer orientation.
Full service, around the clock.
Inspection and maintenance services ensure uniformly
In operations, only 100 % will suffice. Every piece of tech-
high quality of all Rosenbauer products. The focus is on
nology and equipment must work flawlessly. Every tool
flawless functionality, a long service life, and the safety
ready for action. And when something does fail, firefighters
of vehicles and equipment. This is achieved with a solid
want it back in operation as quickly as possible. One call to
foundation of customized services that consistently focus
Rosenbauer is all it takes for a technician to arrive within
on the customer's needs.
24 hours from the nearest Rosenbauer Service Station.
High service quality.
Highly qualified, practical, personal.
Every fire department has unique requirements. To address
Technicians from Rosenbauer Service & Support are highly
this effectively, Rosenbauer structures its services to be
qualified experts who are ready to handle inspections,
modular. Services are adapted optimally to the needs of
maintenance, repairs, and product training whenever you
each fire department. As a result, your fleet of vehicles and
need them. Many of them are active firefighters them-
equipment is maintained and supported on-time and in the
selves and they know the requirements. This experience
most optimal way possible.
and years of collaboration with customers result in person-
alized communications and a solid foundation of knowl-
Reliable partner.
edge about your vehicles and equipment.
You can expect fairness and customer-orientation through-
out your dealings with Rosenbauer. Rosenbauer guarantees
the availability of original spare parts for many years to
come. This provides a solid foundation for high operational
safety of all vehicles and equipment.