Rosenbauer CL Compact Line
Mercedes Benz Sprinter.
Compact. Strong. Flexible.
The pressure on fire departments is growing steadily:
fewer emergency crews, shrinking budgets, and even more
complex assignments and operations. With the Compact
Line (CL) series on Mercedes Benz chassis, Rosenbauer
offers a modern, compact, and powerful municipal vehicle
that offers a wealth of possibilities.
The light, space-saving sandwich design allows the produc-
tion of panel trucks and lightweight superstructures without
interior profiles or transverse walls. Moreover, the variable
COMFORT storage system ensures easy access to every
piece of equipment. Revolving shelves and pullouts al ow
ergonomic removal. The stable vertical rear pul out provides
safe and functional tool storage with lateral access.
With its compact dimensions and low weight, the CL
superstructure concept provides a great deal of space for
the crew and equipment, without sacrificing either safety
or performance. Maximum flexibility allows for individual
design of the fighting vehicles. We make your personalized
solution possible.
Indeed, with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter from the CL series,
Rosenbauer has set new standards with regard to design,
form, and function.
Your partner for municipal vehicles.
Rosenbauer is the leading worldwide technology and service
provider for defensive fire fighting and disaster control. For
more than 140 years, its name has been synonymous with
significant innovations and ground-breaking technology in
the manufacture of fire fighting vehicles and extinguishing
systems. Rosenbauer offers integrated solutions and individ-
ually supports you through complex projects.
Many of our employees are themselves experienced fire
fighters. They know what's important in operations. With
Rosenbauer you talk expert to expert, right from the start.
This know-how produces customized municipal vehicles
that are just right.