Rosenbauer CL Compact Line
The CL series on the MB Sprinter.
Unequaled versatility.
Rosenbauer's concept functions in a simple manner: You choose the vehicle type.
You decide the requirements your new vehicle must fulfill and which components are
important. Our experienced sales advisors will then work with you to put together
a customized fire fighting vehicle and support you during the entire manufacturing
process and beyond.
An individual Mercedes Benz Sprinter superstructure is created with the assistance
of innovative 3D CAD technology and during production, industrial manufacturing
techniques are employed in combination with the latest aluminum know-how. Light,
CNC laser-cut, and beveled aluminum sheets are mounted on the chassis using
modern bonding and bolting techniques in coordinated working processes and
sandwich plates are utilized to provide increased stability in combination with low
superstructure weight.
Standardized components are manufactured in continuous and systematically
organized processes with quality assurance controls during every phase. The
components match perfectly and the production approach guarantees uniform quality,
professional services and a secure supply of spare parts over a long period.
The spacious, sandwich design super-
structure is self-supporting and, therefore, does
not require an additional frame. This results in a low height and
compact superstructure width of just 2,200 mm, which for the
crew means a pleasant entry height and comfortable equip-
ment removal without the need for a footplate.
These dimensions also provide the Mercedes Benz Sprinter
The crew cabin in the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is separated
with its enormous maneuverability and offer considerable
from the equipment compartments by a tested safety partition
advantages in narrow streets and entrances, underpasses and
wall, which provides increased safety. Moreover, every seat is
low firehouses.
fitted with an approved seatbelt.