Rosenbauer CL Compact Line
Mercedes Benz Sprinter lightweight superstructure
Mercedes Benz Sprinter, lightweight superstructure, 5.3 t, wheelbase 3.665 m
crew cab 1 + 5 or 1 + 8
New Mercedes Benz Sprinter with lightweight
Perfect interior design with pullouts for portable
superstructure and integrated cabin
pumps and a generator turntable and the COMFORT
Great maneuverability, excellent handling, maximum
storage system
Various extinguishing technology. Optional portable
Light metal shutters on the left, right and back of
fire pump with 500 l tank, UHPS, H5 and N10 truck-
the vehicle
mounted pumps, ...
Rear ladder with roof-mounted handrails
Available as all-wheel 4x4!
Flat, even roof surface for equipment storage
Mercedes Benz Sprinter LAST
Mercedes Benz Sprinter LAST and GW
The lifting platform with
a 1,000 kg capacity makes
the LAST a genuine heavy
transporter with a wealth of
space for roll containers, Euro
pallets, sand bags and much