CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 6x6
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 6x6, 7 t, wheelbase 3.29 m + 1.1 m,
length 6.57 m, crew cabin 1 + 5 or 1 + 8
Vehicle suitable for use in moun-
tainous areas with superstructure,
extremely light, maneuverable,
versatile and robust
Maximum payload of up to 4 t
Large fording depth up to approx.
600 mm
Optimum power distribution via
a gearbox with selectable, elec-
tro-mechanical step-down or 5-gear
automatic transmission
Patented axle concept with
powered front axle, individual wheel
suspension and transversal leaf
springing. Rear axles with powered
rigid axles with spiral springs and
hydraulic shock absorbers as well
as longitudinal and transverse dif-
ferential locks (100%)
Optimum axle compensation due
to asymmetrical, double pedal axle
suspension. Extensive spring travel
for comfort and safety
Asymmetrical, double pedal axle suspension